Course 1: Introduction and Fundamentals

This first course introduces you to the topic of entrepreneurship policy. You will learn some fundamental concepts and go into the why, how  and what of entrepreneurship policy.

Course 2: Participatory Ecosystem Assessment

This course guides you through a 6-step process to assess your country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. You will learn how to identify the main challenges that the ecosystem faces, find ways to explain and visualize your findings and discover how to create  support for them.

Course 3: Understanding the legal side

This course explores the legislative tools and framework that are best suited to tackle the  ecosystem’s challenges. It mainly focuses on Small Business Acts and Startup Acts, and includes a ‘how-to write a Startup Act’.

Course 4: Measuring success

Measuring the success of policy should be an integral part of every policy process. In this course you will learn the practice of monitoring and evaluation, why an evidence gap exists on entrepreneurship policy and how to draft your own M&E Pan.

Course 5: Building your Startup Act

This course will help you get insights into the process of tailoring your Startup Act to align seamlessly with the unique parameters of your national context.